Welcome to our bookstore! We just had a remodel. Please come and see us.

Bookstore Hours: Sundays: After Liturgy-1 p.m. Monday - Friday: Please visit the Church Office and someone will let you in.

We have many icons from all over the world. We maintain a large supply from Holy Annunciation Monastery in Reddick, FL. We also have some hand carved icons from Bulgaria. If there is an icon you would like, but don't see, we can special order it for you. We also maintain a large stock of all of your home church needs: incense (of all varieties), charcoal, oil candle wicks and floats. Come and see. We have all kinds of books, from the Divine Liturgy to Children's Prayer books and everything in between. We rotate our stock on the season of the church. Check out our new arrivals when you come and see. Please call the church office at 813-876-8830 for more information or e-mail us at We also have an Online Bookstore, please click here. Enjoy your shopping.