A Letter from Fr. Stavros

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

For every good and perfect gift is from Above, coming down from You the Father of Lights. ~From the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (adapted from James 1:17)

Our Stewardship Committee has been working hard to define our stewardship campaign a bit differently than in years past. Our theme for 2018 is My Gift Back to God. Stewardship is not about what we give to God or His church, it is what we GIVE BACK. If we believe that everything good is from God, then we can joyfully approach our gift of stewardship as a gift back to Him. We offer to Him our time, our talent, and our treasure with thanks for all He has given to us. We invite you to consider each of these areas that you will GIVE BACK to God.

The gift of time is what we GIVE BACK to God in worship, prayer, study. The Orthodox Christian life is filled with opportunities to enhance and deepen your personal relationship with God. With your pledge form this year we have included a “Gift of Time” form with some suggestions for how you can grow closer to God with your time. We will not collect this portion of the form. Rather, keep this at home so you can be reminded of your spiritual goals for this upcoming year. Perhaps you discuss this as a family or with a trusted friend to help you keep this commitment of spiritual growth.

The gift of our talent is the skills we GIVE BACK to further the work of the church. This includes participating in the various ministries of the church.

The gift of treasure is the amount of financial resources we GIVE BACK to God to sustain the work of the church. Not only should we meet the financial needs of the church, we should exceed them, so that the church can also support Orthodox and non-Orthodox charities, both local and global.

The more we GIVE BACK to God our time, talent, and treasure as individuals and as a community, the stronger the Body of Christ – the Church – will grow. Our new vision statement is to Love God, love your neighbor and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as an Orthodox Christian Community. We believe that with your commitment to GIVE BACK your gifts, the more the church can be the Church Christ calls us to be—one that embodies our core values of Love, Worship, Community, Learning, and Service. It starts with your decision to GIVE BACK.

Thank you for carefully and thoughtfully reviewing the stewardship materials in this packet and on the pledge form. Please return them on Stewardship Sunday as your statement for what you will GIVE BACK this year.

With love in the Lord,

+Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis Proistamenos